Monday, September 5, 2016

Finley is 10 Months

This little boy's light shines so bright these days! He can be found smiling most of the day, and his joy is simply contagious!

No new stats this month, but he is growing by the day!

Likes: being outside, sticks, being with his family, smiling, crawling, pulling up, clapping, playing with balls and things with wheels, being held or worn in a wrap, chasing after Noah, playing with Daddy, eating food, babbling (aka singing;)

Dislikes: getting dressed and diaper changes, not knowing where Momma is

Sleep: He is still taking 2 naps a day, a morning nap around 9ish and an afternoon nap around 1or 1:30ish. Both naps are about 1-2 hours each. He is ready for bed at night around 6:30/7pm and wakes around 6:30-7am. We are still co sleeping at night, and he still likes to nurse a few times during the night.

Foodie Baby: Finn LOVES to eat still and is such a great eater!! He is eating 3 meals a day as well as 1-2 snacks. He is still nursing during the day and at night too. Finn is also starting to learn to drink water from a sippy cup.

Language/Development: Finn babbles all the time and can say "dada", "Mmmm" and "Yum". I am still waiting on "momma" ;). I am also teaching him baby sign language, and he sometimes will sign "more". He is understanding more and more each day, and it is so much fun to watch his little brain work these days! Finn is crawling all over the place and can pull up to his knees and to standing if he is holding on to something. No cruising quite yet.

Teeth: No new teeth this month. He still has 8 chompers!

Til next month!

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