Thursday, May 5, 2016

Finn is 6 Months

Our baby is 1/2 a year old! How can that be already? They say "babies don't keep", and boy are they right. I sure wish I could slow down the clock. Finn continues to be pure joy! He is always smiling, cooing and giggling. 

Height: 27.75 inches (80%)
Weight: 18.75 lbs (60%)
Head: 18.5 inches (99%)

Likes: smiling, being held or worn in a baby carrier, snuggling with Momma, playing with Noah and Daddy, nursing, books, infant massages, bath time, his play silks and Sophie the Giraffe, watching his big brother, sitting on laps, baby carriers, music, kicking in his bouncy seat, working on his solo sitting, his bumpo seat

Dislikes: being put down for too long, not knowing where Momma is, getting dressed

Still Unsure About: the car, his high chair

Sleep: Taking 3-4 naps a day anywhere from 30 min-3 hours. He is ready for bed at night around 6:30-7pm and wakes around 6:30-7am. We are still cosleeping, and he is still nursing anywhere from 2-4x per night on average, but they are very short feedings and we both go right back to sleep and wake up in the morning rested. :) He loves to snuggle!

Foodie Baby: Still loves to nurse and usually nurses every 2-3 hours during the day. We started some solid foods last week, and it was so much fun watching Finn explore them! His first food was avocado, and he has also tried banana, sweet potatoes and cucumber. For now, he is primarily exploring/playing with the food (only a small bit has actually made it into his mouth ;). My plan is to do Baby Led Weaning with Finn instead of purees like I did with Noah. Basically, he will eat whatever we are eating (give or take), just in much smaller portions and softer consistencies. I will be doing a post more about this feeding approach once we get our feet a bit wet in it.;) Let the food fun begin for Finn!

First food: avocado

Playing with his banana

Sweet potatoes

Loved exploring his cucumber slices

Other News: We have another tooth on the bottom and his top front teeth are starting to cut! Finn is also starting to sit solo now (a bit wobbly still though ;), played in sand and swung for the first time this week!

Til' next month!

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