Friday, February 5, 2016

Finn is 3 Months Old

And just like that, our baby is no longer a newborn. Our "4th trimester" is a thing of the past, and Finn is now considered an infant. What a sweet and happy infant he is too! He is full of smiles, coos, gurgles and giggles these days. He loves to sit on my lap and watch big brother and everything around him during his alert times. I wish I could bottle this stage up with him and keep it forever!

No new stats this month since his next check up isn't until 4 months. However, I can tell he has gained some more weight. He is a solid and heavy boy!

Likes: being held, snuggling with Momma, nursing, his paci, infant massage, baths, diaper changes, his play silks, the swing, watching his big brother, sitting on momma's lap, the becco and baby bjorn carriers (and loves to be front facing now!), music of all kids but esp. jazz music (must be in his name like Duke "Ellington")

Dislikes: being put down for too long, not knowing where Momma is, the car (unless I am sitting in the backseat next to him), being overtired

Still Unsure About: new people holding him

Sleep: Still napping about every 1-1.5 hours (so anywhere from 4-5 naps a day ranging from 30 min-3 hours). He is ready for bed at night around 7pm and wakes around 6:30 or 7am. He is still nursing anywhere from 1-3x per night on average, but they are very short feedings and we both go right back to sleep. :)

Eating: Still loves to eat and usually eats every 2 hours during the day (sometimes every 1-1.5 hours).

Other News: Finn can now wiggle out of the swing if he is not strapped in (so strong) and is full of legs kicks and arches. He is def. gearing up for rolling soon! Finn is also swatting, reaching and grabbing for toys now. It is so fun to watch him play these days!

Til' next month!

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