Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Finn's Birth Story

**Disclaimer: This post is all about birth. Please do not read this post if you do not want to know or see a firsthand home birth experience.

Finley "Finn" Ellington Smith made his appearance into the world at 1:23am on November 5th, 2015 at our beloved home. Our lives were forever changed that day. 

Prelabor: Braxton Hicks contractions had been occurring on and off since about 36 weeks with more and more pressure and more uncomfortable contractions every week. We thought sweet Finn would be arriving early, but to our surprise, he came right at 41 weeks. We were all so shocked that I carried him so long since Noah arrived 8 days early, and I had so much pre labor.

Birthing Time: On November 4th, we had a feeling that Finn would be arriving soon. I started showing signs that my birthing time was beginning, but at this point things were moving a bit slowly. By 4pm that evening, I was 3 cm dilated and fully effaced. Our midwife and doula both came over so we could discuss our options. At this point, I was still able to talk through most of my contractions.

We drank wine, hung out and discussed whether to just try to sleep with a little sleep aid and see what my body would do naturally or to start some castor oil. After a bit of a discussion with lots of laughter and some wine, we decided to try to get some sleep and then see what would happen.

Cole ironically asked our midwife, "What happens if things start intensifying say around 8pm?"Our midwife's response was, "We will all just come right back over!" So, everyone left to go home, eat and get some sleep. Cole went and picked us up some dinner from Arepa Mia and we starting watching Pitch Perfect 2. I took my Unisom pill in hopes that it would start to make me a bit sleepy so I could head to bed soon. However, the Unisom never kicked in and sure enough, like Cole had predicted, at 8pm everything started to intensify and never stopped until Finn was born.

By 9pm, our doula, Chanda, was back over, and I was contracting every 3 minutes very rhythmically. We stayed upstairs in our master bedroom the entire time once my birthing time was in full swing.

Our doula and Cole helped me to change positions and remain in hypnosis to help with comfortability and stay hydrated the entire time. I learned Hypnobabies during pregnancy to use during my natural birthing time to help with pain management. I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested. I continued contracting and progressing for the next 3.5 hours with both Cole and Chanda. I could not have done it without both of them. I am forever grateful to you both for all of your support and love during those intense contractions.

Around midnight, things really started intensifying, and I became very primal to say the least…lots of roaring sounds, OMs and Ahhs (and some tears). Our doula felt it was time for Natalie, our midwife, to head on over.

She arrived around 12:50am and as soon as she saw and heard me, she knew I was about to birth Finn. She didn't even check me to confirm my dilation. I had a few more very intense contractions leaning on my birthing ball  in our bedroom before we decided I should head to the tub for transformation (transition) and pushing. Well, I never made it to the tub. I ended up on my knees with my head and arms resting in Cole's lap on the edge of the bath tub. I truly needed his love and support (both emotionally and physically) at this point in my birthing time. Thank you so much, my love! This is the location that I went through transformation and began pushing. My water never broke.

I gave 2 pushes at this location, and we realized that Finn's heart rate was very low due to all the pressure and that we needed to get him out very quickly. My water membranes were still intact and were starting to come out (pretty amazing that it never broke). So our midwife broke my water and then helped me lay on the floor on my back with my head in Cole's lap. I gave another big push, and Finn's head crowned, but now his heart rate was even lower from even more pressure. At this point, our midwife told me that I HAD to get him out with my next push. So, I gave it all I could, and I pushed him out with a great big push!

He was absolutely beautiful, and Cole and I immediately said he looked just like Noah. The cord was wrapped around his neck a bit, but Natalie got that off in no time and he was placed directly on my chest like I wanted. So beautiful! Cole cut the chord once it stopped pulsating.

The placenta was delivered and all the afterbirth procedures occurred with the help of our midwife and her assistant. Finn stayed on my chest the entire time and the newborn procedures all occurred about 1.5 hours after birth. He weighed 9 lbs 5 oz, was 21 inches long and his head circumference was 15 in. His Apgar scores were an 8 and 9. He was healthy, big and beautiful! We fell in love with him immediately.

Once the afterbirth procedures were complete, our midwife and her assistant tucked us all into our clean bed and cleaned everything up from birth. Our birth team left to head home around 4am, and we were comfortably asleep in our own bed with Finn by 4:30am and actually got some sleep which was so amazing.

Our home birth was so much more than I could have ever expected. It was the most empowering, liberating and intense experience of my life. I am forever grateful for this life experience and for our amazing birth team: Coleman, Natalie, Chanda and Mandy.

Baby Finn, I am so thankful that we were able to have a fast, easy, comfortable, peaceful and beautiful birthing time at our beloved home. Welcome to the world, my precious love!

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