Friday, October 2, 2015

Finley: 36 Week Update

Finley is the size of: a head of romaine lettuce. At my last appointment with our midwife (2 weeks ago), he was still measuring 1+ weeks ahead.  I had also gained 4 more pounds in 2 weeks, so I think he is getting plump and ready!

How I am feeling: Lots more Braxton Hicks and pressure and it is getting uncomfortable to stand for too long now. We actually had a little bit of a scare on Wednesday that he might be arriving. I was able to calm everything down though and woke up Thursday morning feeling better. However, for the next week, I have been informed by various people, that my job is to rest and take it easy to help keep him cooking til he is term (37 weeks). I will be 37 weeks next Thursday. We can do it!

What I am liking to eat these days: Food still tastes really good, but I am not able to eat as much these days. I don't think there is much room left in there at this point. ;)

What I am NOT liking to eat these days: fish 

Other Fun Info: We have everything ready for Finn to arrive and for his birth. Just need to keep him in for at least 1 more week, and then he is welcome to make his appearance at any point!

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