Friday, September 4, 2015

Finley: 32 Week Update

Finley is the size of: a jicama. He is still measuring about 1 week ahead, and he is now in the head down position. Hooray! He had been breech until around 30 weeks when I got him to flip around by doing chiropractor adjustments, spinning babies inversions and some Hypnobabies work. I am hoping he stays head down from now til birth!:)

How I am feeling: I am starting to become more tired these days, especially in the late afternoons. Noah and I are now out and about more in the mornings and then having more low-key afternoons so I can take it a bit easy when my body is tired. Noah is really enjoying playing at the house these days which is making this transition quite nice. I am continuing to have some Braxton Hicks but nothing that is uncomfortable or alarming for this point in pregnancy. My varicose veins are increasing in numbers due to Finn growing in size, but they are not causing too much discomfort at the moment. 

What I am liking to eat these days: Food still tastes DELICIOUS!:)  I am enjoying most foods and am really liking ice cream right now.

What I am NOT liking to eat these days: fish (but I did have some Grouper and shrimp at the beach and really enjoyed it!)

Other Fun Info: Finn's nursery is basically done :), and I have all of his 0-6 months baby clothes washed and put away in his nursery. I am also working on getting everything together for his birth. We are getting close to being ready for his arrival, just a few more things to do! Be on the lookout for a nursery tour soon.

Til next month!

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