Sunday, August 30, 2015

Seagrove Beach 2015

We had such an amazing vacation at Seagrove Beach on 30A this past week. It was our last trip as a family of 3 before baby Finn arrives in October. My parents came along with us and Daddy Smith joined us for two nights as well. It was so nice being with everyone and having the extra hands since I am very pregnant right now. We had beautiful weather the entire week, and the ocean was so calm and crystal clear. Just perfect! Noah had so much fun swimming in the ocean and pool, playing on the beach and condo. I was able to rest and relax, and Cole really enjoyed everything as well. It truly was an amazing time! We can't wait to return to the beach next summer as a family of 4!:) 

Noah and Opa in the Ocean

My boys

Early morning

Shadow of love

Kite flying with Opa

Our little kite flyer

Forever and ever

Sandcastle building with Oma

Daddy building sandcastles too


Noah the ocean paddler

Fun with Daddy

Sweet smile

Momma and Finn go for an ocean paddle with Opa

Daddy paddling

The beach and pool can exhaust a little guy

Our little fish in the ocean

Some screen time 

Crystal clear ocean

A stunning sunset

Momma and Finn

So beautiful

Noah, Opa and Oma paddling

My love

Beach baby bump 

Swimming with Momma

Sweet boy

Momma and Daddy

"Bye bye beach!"

Soon to be 4!:)

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