Thursday, August 6, 2015

Finley: 28 Week Update

Finley is the size of: an eggplant. He is still measuring about 1+ week ahead, and I gained 10 lbs this month, pretty much all straight to the belly! Whoa! My midwife is not concerned about his size (esp since I already birthed a big baby), but he is def. going to be a BIG boy.

How I am feeling: Still pretty good. Energy levels are still ok considering how hot it is and how big my belly is. My varicose veins are def increasing due to the growing baby/heavy belly, but they aren't bothering me as much these days. Sleep is still good. I am having a few Braxton Hicks here and there but nothing too uncomfortable. 

What I am liking to eat these days: Food still tastes DELICIOUS!:)  I am enjoying most foods and am really on a veggie kick lately.

What I am NOT liking to eat these days: fish. sausages and hamburgers

Other Fun Info: The nursery is coming along and is almost all done! I just need to start washing baby clothes and order a few more baby items, and then we will be good to go!

The corner nook of the nursery

Til next month!

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