Thursday, July 9, 2015


Personality: Happy, very loving and sweet, friendly, active, sensitive and tenderhearted.
Height/Weight: Noah weighs 32.5 lbs and is 3 ft 1 in tall. He is in the 50% for both weight and height.
Eyes/Hair:  He has dark brown eyes and dirty blonde, long, straight hair.  We still have not cut his hair, and it is quite long now in the back and sides. It is so cute, but he is def. due for a cut in the near future. ;)
Likes:  Playing his guitar and musical instruments, music of all kinds, riding his tricycle and now bike, reading books, going to the pool and the playgrounds, trucks and cars of all kinds, going on walks, his "videos", Curious George and Paw Patrol, King of Pops, smoothies, lollipops.
Dislikes:  For the most part, he is very a happy little guy. He does not like it when his lovies  or his bed get washed.
Talking/Development:  Noah loves to talk now and his pronunciation is getting much clearer every day. He can say just about anything, likes to repeat phrases he hears, and is quite chatty.  He can count to 13 and knows the numbers 0-3 quite well. He knows his colors and shapes, can tell you his full name (Noah Allen Smith) and spell his first name (N-O-A-H). He is beginning to recognize some letters and absolutely loves to read. He is learning how to cut with toddler scissors and glue and still really enjoys Playdough. He loves to run, jump, climb, skip and ride his tricycle which he calls "motorcycle".
Sleeping:  He sleeps like a champ now!  He is asleep for the night around 8pm and he sleeps until 6:30 or 7am. He goes down for an afternoon nap around 1pm, and he sleeps for 1.5– 2 hours.

Eating: Noah continues to be a good eater but is a bit pickier now that he used to be. He still likes meat and veggies but I do have to be a bit more creative with how I present it to him. He enjoys most fruits, smoothies, fresh veggie and fruit juices, nuts, dried fruits, applesauce, hotdogs, coconut milk or almond yogurt, granola bars, homemade baked goods, popsicles, coconut milk ice cream and lollipops. He is still gluten and dairy-free. We have reintroduced some soy and cheese back into his diet and so far he is doing just fine!

Looking Forward To… Noah will become a BIG brother with the arrival of his little brother, Finley, this October! Noah is very excited!
HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY NOAH! You are our beautiful and sweet boy!

All ready for him!

His presents :)

Rockin' his new helmet

So fun!

Loves his new balance bike

Special birthday pancakes

Splash pad fun

His BFF, Emerson, joined too!

Sweet kiddos

Cupcake and crown time!

So excited

Momma (and Baby Finn) enjoyed a cupcake too ;)

Riding his new bike at the park

Pizza dinner date with Emerson <3

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