Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Finley: 24 Week Update

Whoa Belly!!
Finley is the size of: an ear of corn

How I am feeling: Overall, pretty good. My energy levels were really great, but this summer heat is def. taking a toll on my energy levels lately. Hoping my great energy returns soon. I did develop some varicose veins on my left upper leg area that are causing me some discomfort.  I am now receiving acupuncture for them and wearing some compression spanx during the day to help ease the discomfort and help prevent more from developing.

What I am liking to eat these days: Everything for the most part! Food tastes DELICIOUS!  I am really loving the cinnamon rolls from Good Karma Bakery in Avondale. :)

What I am NOT liking to eat these days: fish. sausages and hamburgers

Other Fun Info: The nursery is coming along. We have all the furniture in and the crib and linens are up. I am starting to put up wall decor too. Enjoy a photo of the crib all ready to go with the "FINN" wall decor. More photos to come soon!

Til next month!

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