Thursday, June 11, 2015

Peapod: 20 Week Update

**Peapod is a BOY!!! We are going to name him Finley Ellington Smith and call him "Finn" for short. He is a very healthy and big boy so far just like Noah was. He is currently measuring 1 week ahead and already weighs 13 oz. He also has another very large head just like Noah (96% for head circumference). Cole and I def make big, sweet boys!:) Everything on his anatomy scan looked great and normal. We are all very excited to be welcoming another little boy to our family. Let our home be soon filled with double the laughter and fun!

Finley is the size of: a banana in length

How I am feeling: Really great now! My nausea/vomiting is completely gone and my energy levels are quite good. I have had a little bit of stretching/tightening due to Finn growing lately but nothing that is causing anything uncomfortable. Hope this phase of feeling good stays around for awhile!:)
What I am liking to eat these days: fruit (all kinds), guacamole, ice cream, veggies, hotdogs with sauerkraut, LaCroix

What I am NOT liking to eat these days: fish

Other Fun Info: Noah seems very excited right now to have a little brother on the way!  I was a little concerned at first since he had been predicting it was a girl the whole time, but he was very excited as soon as we told him it was a boy. Phew! I hope him and Finn will share a very special bond as brothers as they grow up!

**Enjoy some photos of Finn from the ultrasound below. They are not the easiest to make out except for the photo showing that he is most definitely a boy. ;) He was so chill and content during the ultrasound and was facing away from the ultrasound most of the time so we were never able to get a profile shot of him. 
This is a side view of him looking away from the ultrasound.
You can see his brain (big black oval to the left), his spine and the small circle
to the right is his stomach.

This is him actually looking right at the ultrasound. 
You can see his brain, eye sockets and nose 
as well as his heart.

Finn is def. a boy!;)

Til next month!

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