Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Fizzy Colored Slush

"Fizzy Colored Slush" turned out to be a big hit for Noah last week! It was so easy to make, and Noah stayed engaged with it for well over 30 mins. :) Here are the steps to make it if you want to give it a go with you toddler, preschooler or school-age child:

-Place 2 cups baking soda in a bowl
-In a separate bowl, combine several squirts of liquid watercolors (we used blue) or food coloring into 3/4 of water
-Knead the colored water mixture into the baking soda until well combined
-Then pour the colored mixture into a large container
-Set aside 1/2-1 cup of white vinegar in a squeeze bottle (This is what makes it fizz!)
-Repeat these steps with a different color if you want to make more than one color. We started with just one color this time (blue), but next time we will definitely do two colors and watch them mix together.

Noah had so much fun exploring the slush and squeezing the vinegar into the slush to make it fizz. He put his fingers, hands, arms and even his feet into the slush for a fun and exciting sensory experience! Hope you child enjoys it too! For more info on "Fizzy Colored Slush" or other fun sensory activities, check out the book 150+ Screen Free Activities for Kids.

Making the slush fizz with vinegar

Hands all in

Making ripples

Feet in :)

Playing away

Helping clean up

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