Friday, May 15, 2015

Peapod: 16 Weeks Update

Peapod is the size of: an AVOCADO

How I am feeling: So much better since around 15 weeks! My nausea/vomitting seems to have subsided and my energy levels continue to improve. I am still making sure I don't "overdue" it with my activity level with Noah all day long. Chasing after an active toddler all day can wear a pregnant lady out!  I am still trying to be very mindful of my food/water intake and rest. I am eating still around every 2 hours or so and making sure I get plenty protein/fat in daily. I also nap during Noah's afternoon nap time which is so nice and helps give me the energy boost I need to take care of Noah during the heat of the day. It feels like summer already in the ATL.

What I am liking to eat these days: fruit (all kinds), mexican food, eggs, ice cream and popsicles, all beef hotdogs and steaks,  cold water

What I am NOT liking to eat these days: fish

Other Fun Info: We leave for the Dominican Republic tomorrow for our family vacation!:) Our 20 week anatomy ultrasound has also been scheduled. We are excited to find out if we are having another little boy or a little girl. Stay tuned!

Til next month!

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