Saturday, March 28, 2015

Our Very Own Secret Garden

A few months ago, we decided we wanted to re landscape our backyard. The grass that was planted before we bought the house was not meant for shade and sure enough died last summer. So, our backyard has been a mud pit ever since. I had a vision of transforming our small backyard into a beautiful and whimsical play/learning space for our family but wasn't sure we would be able to afford to make the transformation happen. However, our amazing accountant got us a great tax refund that was more than enough to make my vision come to life!

I worked with a landscape architect on the design, and then once we had the design ready, his crew did the installation. It took about 2 days for our secret garden to come to life. We could not be more happy with it, and Noah is LOVING his very own secret garden! We cannot wait to watch everything grow this Spring, and I can see so much fun and learning in our near future! Enjoy the photos!

The "Mud Pit" (old backyard)

Sod arrived

Progress after Day 1

Maple tree, ferns, azaleas, mondo grass and climbing boulders

Blueberry bushes and privacy trees

Our square garden and rosemary bushes

Camellias, ferns, mondo grass and Noah's stumps

Farmer Noah (our new dogwood tree near the fence)

On his boulder

Gardening away

Noah hiding behind his cast iron plants

Muddy feet :)

A place for the gnomes and fairies

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