Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Origami Heart Valentines

I wanted to make handmade valentines with Noah again this year, and I found two cute ideas in Parents magazine that I tweaked to create Noah's version. We made origami hearts and then used a recycled toilet paper roll to paint heart shaped stamps on the valentines. They turned out really cute! Since Noah is still pretty young, these valentines did involve a good bit of work on my end. However, if your child is older (over 4), they could probably do most of it with your help. Below are all of the steps. Have fun!

Fold a piece of origami paper to make a large triangle
(Noah could do this step with my help)

Fold it the other way to make another triangle.
Then, open your paper back up.
(Noah could also do this step with my help)

Flip the paper over and fold to the middle to make a small triangle pointing up
(From here, I had to take over with the remaining folding steps)

Then fold the top flap down to make a larger upside down

Fold the bottom right portion up

Then, fold the bottom left portion up to make a
pointed heart

Flip the pointed heart around and fold the 
points down to make small upside down triangles

Then, fold the pointed sides in to make small triangles

Flip the paper back around and Viola!

Write a valentines message on the back
(Have older children write the message)

Take a recycled toilet paper roll and bend
it to make a heart shaped stamper

Have fun stamping away!;)

Noah's finished hearts (front)

Finished hearts (back)

Then, cut small white strips of paper to make
name tags

Slide the name tags into the heart and tape in place

Ready to be delivered!

Happy Valentines Day!

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