Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Our Kind Elf

We started a new holiday tradition this year with Noah that I am so excited about. I found the idea from another great blog that I enjoy reading: theimaginationtree. Our "Kind Elf" arrived at the beginning of December to help spread kindness and holiday cheer to our family and others this holiday season. He had a little bit of a hard time finding our house though this year ;) (he got lost in the mail) and did not arrive before December 1st like I had hoped, so we didn't get started with him as early as I would have liked. But, better late than never! Next year, he will arrive through our elf/fairy door on December 1st and stay until Dec 24th with us before he heads back to the North Pole to be with the other elves. Noah anxiously awaited his arrival since we put our elf/fairy door up first. He would go look for him each day until he arrived. It was so cute! 

The Elf/Fairy Door

Now that he is here with us, he suggests a "kind" activity for us to do together each day. He moves around our house depending on what the activity is, and Noah gets to look for him each morning. Here are some of the kind things we have been doing together so far to spread holiday cheer!

Donated a pair of shoes

Made a card for our sanitation workers

Donated some of his books

Baked Christmas cookies to share

Making the cookie dough (more like eating it ;)

Decorating the cookies

The finished cookies!

I am so excited for the remaining kindness activities that we have until Dec. 24th! Even though Noah is still a bit young for the concept, he seems to be enjoying it! I am also really looking forward to next year once Noah is a bit older. I also plan to have the elf come visit though his elf door from time to time throughout the year to say "Hello" to Noah and suggest kind things for us to do together. Other fairies will also arrive through our elf/fairy door (tooth fairy, sugar fairy, etc) once Noah gets bigger. I am so excited to watch Noah's little imagination come to life with our elf and fairy friends.

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