Thursday, November 20, 2014

Turkey Thumbprint Place Cards

We are hosting Thanksgiving this year at our house, so I have been working lately to get our Thanksgiving table ready! I found a really cute photo on Pinterest of turkey place cards made using your child's thumbprint and thought it would be perfect for Noah and me to try out. They turned out very cute, but I would definitely say that this art activity is more appropriate for children older than Noah (probably at least 3 or 4 years old). Noah made two full turkeys using his thumbprint, and then he helped make the remaining turkey bodies using his thumbprint but that was about all he could handle. We ended up using my pinkie for the remaining turkey feathers. All in all, it was fun for us to do together, and they turned out really cute! 

Here are the simple steps to create these Turkey Thumbprint Place Cards:

1. Get your supplies ready:
(white place cards, colored ink pads, glue, googly eyes and colored markers)

2. Make the turkey bodies using your child's thumbprint
in brown ink

3. Make the turkey feathers using your child's thumbprint (or your pinkie ;)
in red, orange and yellow ink

4. Once the body and feathers are dry, glue on 1 googly eye
and add a beak, gobble and legs using markers. Then, write
the name on each place card.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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