Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween 2014

We had so much fun celebrating Halloween this year with Noah! This was the first year he actually understood a little bit of what was going on (decorations, costumes, trick-or-treating, etc). I found a pirate costume this year for $1.50 at a children's consignment sale, and he loved it!:)  He even learned to say "Yo Ho Ho" and "Happy Halloween". So cute! Cole and I also dressed up this year as Super Woman and Clark Kent.

We spent most of Halloween day at home since we are also potty training this weekend (a post more about this soon). Noah painted a Halloween ghost, helped carve pumpkins and enjoyed walking up and down our street looking at all the fun Halloween house decorations. We have some really spooky houses! Later in the afternoon, we headed over to a friend's house for a Halloween get together with all of Noah's friends from playgroup. The kids had fun running around in their costumes and handing out candy while the adults enjoyed some beverages! 

Noah also got to hand out candy to a few of our trick-or-treaters before he went to bed. Once Noah was asleep, Cole and I sat on our front porch and handed out the rest of our candy and watched all of the Halloween fun on our street. Our street is on of the busiest trick-or-treating streets in Kirkwood due to some really "spooky" houses that get set up. We must have had at least 200-300 kids come before we ran out of candy around 8pm. Next year, I will plan to get double the amount of candy!

All in all, it was a very Happy Halloween!!

A spooky Halloween Breakfast
(Pumpkin and ghost french toast with blueberries)

Painting his ghost with his hands!;)

Carving our pumpkins

Lil pirate swinging

Dancing with Em

So fun!

Sweet boy

A Very Happy Halloween!

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