Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Pumpkin Scented Sensory Rice for Fall

I made pumpkin scented sensory rice for Noah to play with for the Fall this weekend! This rice is so lovely for the senses and is not over-powering at all. It provided Noah with so much opportunity for open-ended play. He spent over 30 minutes scooping, pouring and digging once it was made and all of his creations smelled just like Fall. He was one happy little boy!

To make this rice you will need one large bag of  white rice (I bought a Long Grain Publix brand 10 lb bag), some orange food coloring (I mixed red and yellow food coloring to make orange) and some ground cinnamon or ground pumpkin pie spice (I used ground pumpkin pie spice).

First, dump the rice into a big pot and stir through a teaspoon or so of orange food coloring with a large, dark or metal spoon. You can also leave the rice white if you prefer. I liked the way ours turned out because some rice was still white and some was orange.
Then, once the rice is dry (ours took about 15 mins or so), sprinkle in some ground cinnamon or ground pumpkin pie spice to make the rice smell lovely. This rice can be stored up to one year in an air tight container.

Lastly, I poured the rice mixture into Noah's sensory table and added a small pumpkin, some silicon muffin cups, scoopers and popsicle sticks. I didn't tell Noah what I had done with his sensory table (it had water in it before). I simply let him stumble upon it during his morning free play. He was so surprised and loved it!  


Enjoy and Happy Fall!

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