Friday, May 9, 2014

Noah is 22 months

Happy 22 months Noah! What a busy month it has been with moving into our new house. Noah LOVES the new house and is transitioning very well. His favorite parts of the house are the fenced in back yard, screened in porch, big sofa, his playroom and being one block from his favorite park.

His sleep has been a little bit off with the move (which comes with the territory of "change" for our sensitive boy). He has had some night wakings and early morning wake ups, but as each day passes, it is getting back to normal. We are just thankful that he goes down at night and at nap time very easily still. I really thought we would have a lot of difficulty with getting him to go to the sleep since we were in a new place, but he totally surprised us. I will take it!

Noah's favorite foods this month were coconut milk smoothies  (I can pack lots of fruits and veggies in these too), Nick's Sticks (grass-fed beef sticks), coconut milk strawberry ice cream, fresh strawberries, whole apples, meatloaf and spinach eggs. We tried to reintroduce butter back into his diet last week, and he seemed good for a day or two, and then he started showing "off" symptoms again (waking up screaming at night in pain, frustration, agitation, etc). So, we are going to keep him off dairy a bit longer. 

Noah is also starting to show signs that his 2 year molars are on their way. :/ However, once these 4 teeth are in, he is done!! Wahoo! We hope they pop through as quickly as possible!

Noah vocabulary is improving daily!  He really wants to talk and does become easily frustrated when he can't communicate like he wants. He continues to learn new words daily and is putting more and more two word sentences together. Some of my favorite words of his are: "I do", "alright", "oh no", "yay!"

Noah had his first successful pee-pee in his potty this week! It was so exciting!:) We always ask him if he wants to sit on his potty and go pee-pee or poo-poo before bath time, and on Tuesday evening, he actually went pee-pee in the potty. He was so proud of himself!:) We are not doing anything other than that right now for potty training, but if he starts showing more of an interest, then I will move forward with it. I will keep you updated!

Likes: the new house, parks, walking up and down our new street, his lawn mower, his guitar and flute, playing in the sprinkler and the hose
Dislikes: not communicating like he wants to

Enjoy some recent photos of Noah playing in the sprinkler and hose!

Til next month!

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