Thursday, May 29, 2014

Daylight and her Kittens

Our sweet stray/feral cat, Daylight, had her kittens. Cole and I had a feeling she was pregnant and sure enough she was. I found them last Wednesday in my flower bed at our Wyman St. house. I was very nervous for them there since they were so exposed and so young. I also knew that Daylight needed constant food and water since she was now a nursing momma cat. Noah and I were going over to Wyman St. daily to feed her ever since we moved, but I knew she needed more attention than that now that she had her babies. I was determined to find a way to get her and the three kittens safely to our new home. 

It took me 2 days to try to catch her. My mom ended up coming up with the idea of trying to get her in a small crate since the cat carriers were so small. She did not even put up a fight when I ended up picking her up by the scruff of her neck to catch her. It was almost like she knew she was going somewhere safer with her babies. We safely transported all of the kitties to our new home. We have a little kitten pen set up on our front porch for when the babies are older and needing space to play. For now, Daylight and the three babies are in a very large crate on the front porch with a very soft bed, litter box and constant water and food (for momma). Daylight and the babies seem very content, and she has not complained one bit or tried to get out of the crate. :)

The kittens eyes are all starting to open, so they are probably now about 2 weeks old. They are also starting to make soft "mews". So sweet!:) Daylight started letting me pet them on Tuesday evening and she started letting me pick them up on Wednesday. I have not tried to take them out of the crate yet. I am taking baby steps with her so she continues to trust me and feels safe. She is such a sweet and smart momma.

I think I have found homes for all three kittens once they are ready to be away from momma. Two neighbors up the street want one and a girl that I went to high school with wants one as well. We plan to keep Daylight since she was already friends with Ollie. :) One of our neighbor's 9 year old son (he is planning on adopting one) named the kittens. The black/white one is "Moonlight", the orange/white one is "Jumpy" and the one that looks most like Daylight is "Fluffy" (we all think he/she might be long haired). I loved that he got to name them for us!:)

Ollie is still trying to figure out what all is going on. He has seen Daylight and seems cool with her, but he is very unsure of the kittens. He likes to hiss at them. Another reason why they are all safely staying in the crate right now til they are bigger.

It has been so nice having Daylight and her sweet babies. I love watching them grow everyday and seeing Daylight be a momma.  She is such a good one too! Noah is enjoying looking at "Day" (as he calls her) and her babies. He also really likes playing with the kitty toys!;) I will continue to keep you updated on all of our kitties at Delano Dr!

The sweetest


Sleepy family



Nursing her babies

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