Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sand Play with Funnels

With our move to the new house, we have not had much time for sensory play, so now that we are all settled in our new space, I wanted to try something fun (and messy) with Noah. We have had a lot of morning rain lately, so doing sand play out in our screened in porch was perfect (esp, since we do not have our porch furniture yet). Noah loved having so much space to fling the sand!;) 

I simply filled our big wooden bowl with blue sand. (I cannot remember where I purchased this colored sand since it was several years back when I bought it for tutoring, but I am sure you can find some on Amazon.) I set out two funnels, a spoon and some pebbles for Noah. He had so much fun playing in the sand, digging for his pebbles and counting them, filling the funnels with sand and tossing sand around. It was very messy, but so worth it and easy to clean up with a broom and pan. We will def. be doing this again soon!

**Extension Activities: Sand is a great multi-sensory tool for learning! Have your preschooler or school age child practice writing his or her letters and numbers in the sand, spelling words, multiplication facts, etc. 

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