Monday, April 7, 2014

Play Dough Eggs

With Spring in full bloom in Atlanta, we are continuing our Spring activities at the Smith house. Noah continues to have a love for play dough, so I decided to create "Play Dough Eggs" for him. I simply took our homemade play dough and shaped 6 eggs out of it and placed the eggs in a recycled egg carton. I set the eggs out on Noah's table with a wooden cutting board underneath and a mason jar full of sticks and let him go. You can use any materials with the play dough eggs that your child is currently interested in. Noah still loves sticks these days, so I chose to fill his jar with them. He played with the eggs and sticks for well over 20 minutes putting his sticks in the eggs in many different ways, rolling the eggs and poking them. He absolutely loved them! The eggs have come out several times already to play!:) I did learn a lesson though: homemade play dough will dry out very quickly in the fridge if it is not in an airtight container. Oops! Looks like I will be making more play dough this week. 

Hope your little enjoys Play Dough Eggs as much as Noah did!

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