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Our Daily and Weekly Rhythms (20 months old)

I have been meaning to write this post for a few weeks now, but our life got pretty crazy there for a bit with listing our current home, going under contract on our new home and all three of us getting the Nora virus (such a wicked stomach bug…yuck!). Life is a bit more "normal" now, but we are still showing our current home and about to start packing for our move to the new home. We close on April 18th!! We are so excited about our new home, but I am mostly excited about being settled in our new home and returning to "normal" life (as normal as life can be with an active toddler;).

I absolutely love Waldorf education. It resonates with our parenting style and fits perfectly with Noah's interests and personality. A big component of Waldorf education is having a very consistent  daily and weekly rhythm that incorporates both "breathing in" activities (reading books, naps, family meals, quiet time, snuggle time, free play, etc) with "breathing out" activities (play dates, classes, errands, playgrounds, etc). So, I created our current daily/weekly rhythm with all of these factors in mind as well as Noah's natural rhythms/interests and what I felt would work for both Noah and myself. So far, it has been working beautifully for Noah and me. We have had to be pretty flexible with our rhythms lately since we are still showing our house, and I can get a call at anytime and within an hour, Noah, the dogs and myself have to all be out of the house in order for the agents to show the house. It has def. been testing my flexibility, esp. since every single one of our showings so far has been during nap time. :/ Oh well, this "season to shall pass" as they say!

Our Daily Rhythm:

*Wake up (6am-7am): Sing: “Good morning, good morning, good morning Sweet Noah!” I always ask him how he slept, and then we read books and get him dressed.

·     *Breakfast (7am/7:30am): Have a piece of fruit, feed dogs, make coffee and fresh juice. Make breakfast (see if Noah wants to help with all of it or he has morning free play). Say blessing and eat together at the table.

         Waldorf Meal Blessing: For trees so tall

                         And skies so blue
                         For family, friends and food
                         We thank you.

*Clean up/videos: Noah helps clear his dishes, and I finish cleaning up while he watches his “videos” (educational apps on the iPhone/iPad). I get dressed and ready for the day.

*Outside time/Walk or Learning Activity

·      *Snack time (9 or 9:30am): Noah helps me make snack or has free play. 

·      *Morning Outing: Run an errand, attend a class together, play date, story time at library, go to the park, etc.

·      *Lunch(11/11:30am): Noah helps or has free play while I make lunch. Say blessing and eat together at the table.

·      *Nap (Noon/12:30): Read 2 books together before nap time. Nap time is 1.5-2.5 hours. 

·      *Snack time: Noah helps me make snack or has free play. 

·      *Afternoon Outing/Play Time:  Go to the park, go on a walk, play date, errand, play at home, etc.

·      *Dinner (4:45pm/5ish): Noah helps me make dinner or has free play. Say blessing and sit with Noah at the table while he eats (Cole and I eat dinner together once Noah is asleep for the night).

·      *Playtime with Daddy: Play outside, play on the bed, etc.

·      *Bedtime Routine Begins (5:45pm): bath, massage, jammies, sleep sack on, read 3 books and sing "You are my Sunshine" 

   **Noah is asleep by 6:30pm/7pm.
   **Cole and I have dinner and hang out til we go to bed.

      Noah and I also have a weekly rhythm that we try to follow each week. Noah thrives on consistency and predictability, so I really try to keep to both our daily and weekly rhythms.

Weekly Rhythm

Monday: Cleaning day (our cleaners come every other Monday morning), Story time at the library at 10:15am, yoga

Tuesday: Music class at 10am, Omama comes in the afternoon to play with Noah while I go tutor

Wednesday: Farmer’s Market in the morning, art or sensory play, Omama/Opapa come to play and for dinner

Thursday: Yoga, baking day in the morning, check out books at the library

Friday: Grocery Store/ bank day, Morning Garden at The Waldorf School of Atlanta (starts in the Fall)

Saturday: Eat breakfast out, Family Day

Sunday: Pancakes for breakfast, Family Day

So far these rhythms are working great for us! I am sure I will tweak them as Noah gets older and life changes, but for now we love our days! Please feel free to share what your daily and/or weekly rhythms look like with your littles!

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