Friday, April 11, 2014

Noah is 21 Months

 Noah turned 21 months this week! Only three more months til our sweet boy turns TWO!

This month was quite a crazy month to say the least. We went under contract on our new house (yay!) and listed our current house. We still have not sold our house on Wyman, but we are hoping the right buyer will be coming soon!  It has been a bit challenging showing the house with two dogs and a toddler, so I am just about over it and so is Noah since every single one of our showings have been during his nap time (not to mention having to keep our house in "showing" shape all the time too).

In addition to all of the house stuff this month,  we all got terribly sick this month with the Noravirus (a stomach bug) which hung around for about 2 weeks infecting all three of us, and Noah also got a 24 hour high fever bug. A drunk driver also plowed through our fence last week in a stolen car and then fled the scene. Way too much craziness for me for one month! Our fence is now fixed, and we are all trying to move forward from the incident and still enjoy our home for the next week until we move. We close next Friday, April 18th on our new home. We are so ready and EXCITED!! We started packing this week, and Noah loves playing on the boxes. He is going to love all of the extra space at the new house, the screened in porch, fenced in back yard and being so close to his favorite park. Delano Drive here we come!

In other news, Noah continues to love to talk and is trying very hard to say new words and communicate. His sleep was a bit up and down this month due to all of the sicknesses. He got back to sleeping like a rockstar for a few weeks after the Noravirus, and then he got the fever bug which messed it all up again. We are working on getting the "rockstar" sleep back again!;) Noah is also still eating well these days, but I am having to get pretty creative with his veggies. If I serve most veggies without concealing them or blending them into a sauce, smoothie or juice then we will not eat them (with the exception of spinach). I am hoping our veggie lover returns eventually though. 

Likes: play dough, hammering, sticks, music of all kinds, the guitar, homemade muffins, chasing the kitties, Sesame Street
Dislikes: vegetables, not being picked up when he says "up"

Til next month!

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