Thursday, April 17, 2014

Coloring Eggs the Natural Way

One of my favorite memories about Easter as a child was coloring eggs. I loved coloring them and then decorating them with stickers, write on crayons, etc. I was so excited that Noah would be able to color eggs with me this year. However, I knew I wanted to try and color them naturally using real food as dyes. Noah's belly is so sensitive that I was not sure how he would handle store bought egg coloring, so I thought we would do it the natural way instead (plus it seemed more fun too!). I did some research and found several different foods that would work with hard boiled eggs. I chose purple cabbage to use as a purple/blue color and ground turmeric to use as a yellow/orange color. I also wanted to use cranberries as a pink/red color, but I could not find any fresh cranberries this time of the year. Next year, I will be more adventurous and try other real foods for more colors!

1/4 cup turmeric and 1/2 head of cabbage

So, to get my purple/blue dye ready, I cooked 1/2 head of purple cabbage, cooled it in liquid, strained it and then added in 1 TBLSP of white vinegar. For the yellow/orange dye, I simmered 1/4 cup of turmeric, then I strained, cooled it and added the vinegar.

Simmering the turmeric and cooking the cabbage

Dyes are strained and cooled and ready for the vinegar

We poured the dyes into bowls, added the eggs, and then set the eggs in their dyes in the refrigerator for about an hour (rotating every 15  mins or so).

Coloring the eggs

Viola, the eggs turned out beautiful! Noah had so much fun playing with his colored eggs!

Happy Spring and Happy Easter!

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