Sunday, March 9, 2014

Noah is 20 Months

Noah turned 20 months today and what a sweet month it was! After having a few rocky months, it was so nice to feel like we are starting to enter back into an "easier" period with our sweet boy.

Noah's belly was really starting to feel better this month which made things easier for him in some many ways. He's been sleeping much better and waking up super happy in the morning. He also remains pretty happy all day long. We used to have a good bit of frustration and unhappy moments, but those seem to be more a thing of the past. We are also trying to be very consistent with his daily rhythm and diet (I changed things up a bit with both). He totally thrives on consistency and predictability! I will probably do a post all about our new daily rhythm soon, so be on the lookout if you are interested.

Noah is turning into a little parrot and loves to repeat new words. He is so proud when he does it correctly! I cannot even keep track of all of his new words since he keeps adding new ones daily. He continues to try to say two words in a row as well. 

In food news, our juicer arrived this month! Noah and I both start our day now with fresh pressed vegetable/fruit juice, and we both love it! It also makes me feel so much better knowing that he is getting fresh vegetables in his belly first thing in the morning. Our favorite juice right now is: carrot, spinach and apple juice. YUMMY! We are also working on cutting out most processed foods from all three of our diets, and Cole and I have also gone gluten-free. I didn't realize I had a sensitivity to gluten until I cut it out of my diet. Now whenever I have gluten, I do not sleep well at night and my anxiety kicks in. So long gluten!

In other news, if you haven't already heard, we are MOVING! We would like to expand our family in the near future, and our current house is too small for another kiddo, so we decided it was time to go ahead and make the move since the market is really great now for selling. We have been working really hard to get our house ready to be put on the market. Our contractors started working last week and are almost done with all of the repairs. Cole and I have been working hard on "minimizing" our house and getting it ready to be shown. We plan to have it ready for the market by March 17th! We are hoping to find our new home in either Decatur, Candler Park/Lake Claire or North Kirkwood. We will keep you updated on the house hunt!

The warm weather started to peak it's head out this month, so we are hoping it is here to stay! We have had so much fun enjoying the warm weather outside at the parks and zoo. The Smith Family is so ready for Spring!:)

Likes: morning juice, morning stroll with momma, the park, being outside, Nicks Sticks, meat, Luis and Miguel (our house contractors), brooms, holding my hand while walking (finally!), running everywhere he goes

Dislikes: belly trouble

Til next month!

Meeting Roxy (Ryan and Margaret's new puppy)

Graffiti Kids

Scrub-A-Dub Noah and Em in the tub

Best Friends


Spinach and Eggs

Snoozing Away

Exploring at Fernbank

See Saw

Picking Flowers with Omama


Swinging with Omama

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