Sunday, February 9, 2014

Noah is 19 Months

Another month gone and another month closer to the big TWO. Our little baby is turning into a little boy right before our eyes!

This month was a bit rocky for our sweet boy and for momma and daddy…detoxing and a big sleep regression. Noah had two detox periods this month which is a sign that his belly is healing but very challenging for parenting. It is good that the toxins are getting out of his belly, but he can be quite the "spirited" one when he is detoxing (can't we all though ;). When he detoxes, it lasts for about 24-48 hours and then a big ray of sunshine reappears with Noah once the detox is over. Some of you might be thinking, how do you know he is detoxing?? Well, he is on two homeopathic gut healing remedies that help allow him to rid the toxins from his body, so we already know that detoxing is part of it. Second, he starts showing common detox symptoms (rashes on his body-they don't bother him and only last about 24 hours, large poos, agitation, sleep trouble, etc). But like I said, once the detox is over, he feels so much better and his body is in a much healthier place! So, even though they are not the most fun times, I am glad he is healthier afterwards. He is almost done with one of his remedies, so we are hoping his gut is healing and his belly trouble will start to diminish over time. I will continue to keep you updated!

In other news, HELLO 18 month sleep regression! :/ Noah didn't go through all of the other typical sleep regressions like most babies do, so I should I have known we would hit one eventually. It looks like this is his. He went from sleeping through the night 11-12 hours (which started at 10 months), to now sometimes waking up 1-2x a night and having a hard time going back to sleep. He also sometimes has trouble going to sleep at night, wakes up early (in the 5am hour :( ) and his naps can be anywhere from 1.5 hours-2.5 hours on a good day and about 45 mins on a not so good day. Somedays he takes one nap and some days he takes two. It just depends on the day. So, as you can see, his sleep is all over the place right now. We are all a bit tired these days and are hoping that this regression is almost over. Heres hoping our good sleeper returns soon!

On a more positive note, Noah's speech is continuing to expand. He is learning more and more words everyday and is now starting to put two words together (ex: "momma up"). Some of my favorite new words are when he tries to say his friends' names. So sweet!:)

Noah continues to eat pretty well, and still loves meat and fruit! Vegetables however are more of a challenge these days. I have had to get a bit creative in order to get them in his belly (blending them into soups, pureeing them, juicing, etc). We just got a juicer, so Noah and I are both starting our day with a fresh veggie/fruit juice. It makes me feel better knowing that if nothing else, he at leasts gets some veggies in that way!

Likes: playing with his friends, parks, fresh juices, playing on the bed, play dough, standing in the rocking chair (working on this one!)

Dislikes: tummy trouble, sleep :/, not knowing where Momma is

Til next month!

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