Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cloud Dough

Noah just learned the word "cloud" last week, and every time we go to the park now, he looks up in the sky and says "cloud". So sweet! With his new interest in clouds and his current love of play dough, I thought I would try making some "cloud dough" (a softer version of play dough). I found a recipe online and tried it out, and he LOVED it! 

Here is the recipe I followed:

-2 parts corn starch (I used 1 cup.)
-1 part hair conditioner (I just kept squirting conditioner into the corn starch until the mixture started to come together.)
-blue food coloring (optional)

Once the mixture started to come together, I kneaded it in my hands for a few minutes until the dough formed together and was silky soft. The texture of this dough is AMAZING!!

**Note: This dough is not edible. So, if you child still likes to put everything into his or her mouth, this dough might not be right for your child yet.

**Note: If you child has very sensitive skin, use an organic hair conditioner that has clean ingredients or a lotion instead of conditioner that your child's skin is not sensitive to. I used Aubrey Organics conditioner since Noah has sensitive skin, and it is gluten-free.

Noah had so much fun exploring his cloud dough. He put his fingers in it, used his play dough utensils with it, put his sticks in it along with his rocks. It was such a fun sensory play activity, and we will def. be doing it again! 

For now, I have it stored in an air tight container in the fridge and it is still ok. The site where I found the recipe from online said that this dough would not last very long, so we shall see. My homemade play dough is still good that I made back in December, so I would love for this dough to keep as well. I will keep you updated!

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