Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Fishing for Colors

Noah has been loving his two board books about colors lately, so I started introducing some of his colors to him this past week. We have been working on blue, green, yellow, red and purple. So, far he can say the color blue and purple (in Noah talk ;), and for the most part, he can pick out each of these colors correctly. 

I came across this activity in a book and thought it would be perfect for him, and it was so easy to make! I simply took a business-size envelope and cut the top off into a wide V, so it could open up like a boat. With preschoolers or older toddlers, you could have them decorate their boat. Then, I cut out a few different colored fish from construction paper and added an eye and a smile (I added the numbers 1-4 as an extension activity for when he is a bit older). Such a simple little activity!

Noah had so much fun playing with his fish and trying to "catch" them and put them inside his boat. This activity was also a good way to practice his fine motor skills in trying to pick up the flat fish and open the boat. Noah was recovering from the flu :( when we did this activity, so he had his "lovey" with him to help him feel better.

Studying his colored fish

Opening up his "boat"

Catching his fish

Extension Activity: Have your child "catch" his or her fish according to the numbers in order to work on counting and number recognition. 

Happy fishing with your children!

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