Monday, December 9, 2013

Noah is 17 Months

Noah turned 17 months today, and all in all it was a good month! We had a wonderful time celebrating Thanksgiving with my parents, Cole's parents and his grandmother. Noah's favorite food on Thanksgiving was his Omama's sweet potato casserole…delicious! The day after Thanksgiving, Noah helped pick out our Christmas tree and get our house all ready for Christmas. He now loves looking at the lights and ornaments on our tree in our sun room. Noah also visited Santa this month. He wasn't sure about him at first, but as soon as Santa started talking to him, he perked up and actually enjoyed his visit with him!:)

Noah is really trying hard to communicate and talk these days. He comprehends most of what we say and loves to be asked questions. He tries to use his words as often as he can, but sometimes still needs to be reminded to use his words when he gets frustrated. His new words this month include: choo choo, bowl, no, ho ho (what Santa says) and didio (video). His new animal sounds include: gobble gobble, cluck, quack, roar and oink (sounds like a snort…so cute!)

Noah's new favorite thing this month was watching "didios" (videos) of himself on our iPhones. He will snuggle up in your lap and watch them for well over 15 minutes. It is a great rainy day activity, but it is sometimes a hard transition getting him engaged in another activity once the videos start….we are still working on that!;) He still loves books and is really enjoying listening to full stories now instead of just one word or short phrase books.  He loves to sit on his sheepskin rug in his room for story time.

Noah did have some tummy trouble this month unfortunately. We think a few things he ate contained gluten and upset his belly. It is crazy how sensitive his little belly is and if his belly hurts, Noah's world is turned upside down….he is gassy, agitated and doesn't sleep well. :( Poor thing! We are also starting to wonder if he is a bit sensitive to some other things as well. As soon as he is old enough, we are going to get him tested for food sensitivities. In the mean time, we will just continue keeping a very close eye on him and learning through trial and error what foods he needs to avoid.

In other big news, Noah is entering his transition from two naps to one nap. Most days he is still taking some version of two naps, but more and more days are creeping in with just one nap. I hope this transition goes smoothly, and he will ease into one long nap before we know it. We def. had a few unrested days this month which was no fun at all. Oh the joys of naps or lack thereof!

Another month of no new teeth! Hurrah!!

Likes: "didios", books, making "cookies" with his homemade play dough, our Christmas tree
Dislikes: tummy trouble, not being picked up after he says "up"

Enjoy some photos from this month!

Thankful for my boys

Our little turkey

Getting so big

Reorganizing the dishes ;)

Our gardener

His holiday book basket

Choo choo!

Transitioning to one nap is exhausting...

At first he wasn't so sure….

And then he liked him! 

Til next month!

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