Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Water Sensory Play

Children learn so much about the world through their senses. I try to engage Noah in mutli-sensory play as often as I can because he truly loves it, and I know he is learning so much during this type of play. Playing with water is an easy and fun sensory activity. It can be as simple as playing with water during bath time, splashing outside in rain puddles or going to a local pool on a hot summer day. 

This summer we engaged in a lot of water play here in Hotlanta!;) We were frequent visitors of our city splash pads and pools. You could also find us out in our yard playing in the sprinkler and hose and our homemade water table (I turned our infant bath tub into an outdoor water table). 

Pool Fun

 Piedmont Park Splash Pad

Hose Fun 


Our Homemade Water Table

Now that fall has arrived, we cannot simply step outside and play in the water anymore without getting too cold. So, I have to get a bit more creative these days to engage Noah in water play.  We recently did a colored water activity that Noah really enjoyed, and it was so simple to do.

I simply filled a bowl of water and put a few drops of food coloring in it. He chose green as our color.

 I then gathered a few cotton pads and Q-tips to use for the activity. 

Noah then dipped the cotton pads and Q-tips in the colored water and watched what happened. He got to see the white items change to green right before his eyes, and he experienced the process of absorption first hand. I think he would have gone through an entire package of cotton pads and Q-tips if I would have let him. ;)

This activity can be down with toddlers, preschoolers and school age children and you can dip all sorts of different items into the water to see what happens. The learning and play are endless! Enjoy!

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