Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Turkey Hand Print Place Settings

My dear friend, Casey, shared this adorable hand print place setting idea with me. She used her daughter's hand print to make turkeys for all of her guests at Thanksgiving. What a cute idea, right! I thought I would give it a try for our family place settings at Thanksgiving. The turkeys were so much fun to make and quite simple. With older children, you could have them help you make them. Noah was too young to help, but he sure did enjoy playing with his turkey once it was made!

Here are the simple steps to make these adorable hand print turkeys:

1. Trace and cut out your child's hand print.

2. Cut out colored feathers to glue behind the fingers.
(I used colored construction paper)

3. Glue on a goggly eye, draw a mouth and write your family member's name in the middle.

4. Cut popsicle sticks in half to use as the turkey holder.

5. Glue the colored feathers on and the popsicle stick. 

6. I wrote the year on the back of the popsicle stick for a keepsake!

7. Viola!! Adorable turkey hand print place settings for your entire family
at Thanksgiving!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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