Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Rice Play

Noah has been having so much fun lately playing with his dried beans, so I thought I would try a similar sensory activity with uncooked rice. He sure did love it too! I have to warn you though, this is one messy activity, so make sure you have your broom or vacuum ready for cleanup. I would also suggest putting a blanket down for the activity or doing it outside. I did this activity on a rainy morning so outside was not an option for us, but it was a great rainy day activity. Rice was all over our kitchen floor afterwards, but it was so worth it because Noah played in the rice for well over 15 minutes (quite a long time for a 15 month old!). 

I started the activity by just letting him free explore with the rice and his scooping materials. He touched the rice, tossed it and tasted it (I tried to discourage both of these though ;), used his big wooden spoon to mix it up and played in it with his metal spoon. 

I then extended the activity by putting his baby pumpkin in the rice and letting him play with it in the rice and cover it with rice. 

Lastly, I hid a few of his magnetic letters in the rice bowl and let him find the letters. This was also a nice opportunity to learn/review some of his letters and sounds.

All in all, I was very pleased with how this activity turned out, and Noah seemed to really enjoy it. We will definitely be doing it again soon! This activity can be done with babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Just make sure you monitor your child to make sure they do not choke on any uncooked rice. 


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