Saturday, November 9, 2013

Noah is 16 Months

Noah turned 16 months today, and I feel like each month keeps getting better and better! Noah's personality is really shining through these days, and he is such a gentle soul. He is constantly smiling and giggling and loves to share and give people hugs. The word "stranger" is no where in his vocabulary ;), and he makes friends everywhere he goes.  He still had some challenging moments this month, especially with the time change, but all in all, he was such a sweet boy this month!

Noah is continuing to learn new words and sounds and has really taken an interest into learning animal sounds. He now knows what a dog, cat, goat, duck, lion, monkey, turkey and cow say. His new words this month were "up", "ball" and "bus".

Books are Noah's new favorite toy. He LOVES to be read to. He does this really cute backwards walk and then plops himself down in your lap with a book of choice. We read before both of his naps and before bed, but now he is also wanting to read first thing in the morning and sometimes after his naps too. He likes me to ask him questions about the book and get him involved in the story. The teacher in this momma is very proud of her little reader!

Unfortunately, Noah did get sick this month. He had a runny nose for about a week, and then just as his nose was clearing up, he came down with a high fever for about 24 hours (right before Halloween too). We aren't really sure what he had, but we are guessing it was some sort of a virus. Once the fever broke, he was back to normal within a day. High fevers are no fun at all though, and it is so hard to see him sick. We are so glad that he is back to his healthy self!

In other not so good news, daylight savings has been very hard on our rhythmic boy. As soon as the clocks got turned back one hour, he started waking up super early in the morning (5-5:30am) and not seeming very rested. Therefore, mornings this week were a bit of a challenge for us. Luckily, his normal wake up time returned yesterday, so we are all hoping his internal clock has reset and his normal wake up time continues! Noah is still taking 2 naps per day though, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Our boy is still eating A LOT! I feel like he must be on another growth spurt because he literally can eat all day long. He is still off gluten and dairy and his skin rash is continuing to get better! He did go to the pediatric dermatologist this month, and he has what is called Keratosis Pilaris. Bascially, it is an irritation of his hair follicles, and he will most likely have it his entire life. It doesn't bother him, and we just have to keep his skin moisturized and keep him away from irritants and fragrances. Each person with it can have different triggers, so we have to monitor him to see what makes the rash better/worse. She felt that diet might be one of his triggers (particularly gluten and/or dairy since it has gotten better since he stopped eating both of those). We are all glad to now know what the rash is now and that he is ok! I will continue to keep you updated on it.

No new teeth this month, and we hope he doesn't have anymore for several months. He only has 4 teeth left, so the tooth fairy can gladly go visit other children for the time being. ;)

Likes: books, being read to, eating, giving hugs and kisses, playing outside, sticks

Dislikes: not knowing where Momma is

Enjoy some photos and videos from this month!

Noah and his pumpkin

Smiling boy

Ollie and Noah

My little baker

Sick Noah :(

Exploring at the cemetary

Walking with Daddy

Nature boy sitting on a tree stump

Noah and his gnome

Sweet cousins


Animal sounds

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