Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!! Noah was a farmer this year, and boy did he look cute!:) We thought it would be the perfect costume for him since he loves nature, his gardening tools and the goats at the zoo so much. His boots even had little red tractors on them!

We started off the holiday festivities by going to Boo at the Zoo the Saturday before Halloween. Noah had a great time looking at all of the Halloween decorations around the zoo and seeing his favorite animals.

Our trip to the zoo was not complete without our little farmer seeing his goats!;) He is usually one of the  smallest kids in the petting zoo, but he totally loves petting and brushing the goats and has no fear of them what-so-ever. He truly is a little farmer!

Unfortunately, Noah came down with a high fever a few days before the big day. :( We rested for two days and and did lots of holistic remedies, and by Halloween our little guy was back to 100%. Thank goodness because my brother and sister-in-law and Noah's cousin, Lilly, were coming in town to visit for the holiday. 

Noah and Lilly spent Halloween together. They truly are the cutest! They played together in their costumes and had the best of time. We had a lil mouse and lil farmer running around!

I wanted to have some sort of holiday craft for Noah and Lilly, and my students always loved painting baby pumpkins. However, I did not think two 15 month-olds would be able to tackle that craft. So, instead I bought some foam Halloween stickers for them to decorate with. They had a great time decorating their pumpkins (with a little help of course;).


It was such a Happy Halloween, and it was so special having family in town to celebrate with us. We hope your Halloween was just as wonderful as ours!

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