Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Noah is 15 Months

Another month has come and gone too fast, and Noah is now 15 months. I feel like he is going to be 15 before I know it! I sure do wish I could figure out a way to slow down time. Noah and I have been watching some of my iphone videos of him as an infant lately, and it feels like years ago that he was so little. He seems like such a big boy these days, and I really want to savor it all because he truly is growing up so fast. Before our eyes, our sweet baby is turning into a sweet little boy.

Noah has been such a happy boy this month!:) He was full of smiles, giggles and full belly laughs most of the month. We have had so much fun together each day. Now don't get me wrong, he still has his moments for sure. But the happiness far out weighed the crankiness this month. :)

All 12 of his incisors are fully in and his 4 first year molars are just about all in. The top 2 molars still have a bit more cutting to do and the bottom 2 are totally in. All in all, his teething does not seem to be bothering him much these days. Hallelujah! I am hoping we will have several months of no teething before his two year molars start cutting. This boy has a mouth full of teeth now!

Since all of Noah's teeth are pretty much in now, he really can eat just about anything (meat, popcorn, takes bites from a sandwich on his own, etc). He continues to love food, and is still a really good eater eating 3 meals a day and 2-3 snacks. I think he was on a growth spurt this past week because he seemed liked a bottomless pit!;) Some of his recent food favorites include: raisins, dried papaya, hemp milk, gluten-free oatmeal, quinoa pasta, meat, cooked frozen veggies, blueberries and pumpkin butter. He is also nursing still about 4 times a day (when he wakes up in the morning, before morning nap and before afternoon nap and before bed). He is still eating a gluten and dairy-free diet, and it really seems to be working for him. His stool is totally normal (sorry for TMI), his sleep is great and his demeanor is so happy. His rash is also starting to improve which is awesome. I am also taking him to a pediatric dermatologist this month to get a second opinion on the rash, so I will keep you updated. Noah def. continues to be or Foodie Baby!

Noah is still sleeping 11-12 hours straight at night and taking 2 naps. I thought he was gearing up to make his transition down to one nap, but it seems like he is going to stay on the 2 naps a day schedule a bit longer.

I am having so much fun teaching Noah these days. His vocabulary is increasing and he is so eager to do learning activities with me. This month, we have been exploring his sense of smell, painting, learning his body parts, playing with dried beans and sorting shapes. He can now say: momma, dada, dah (dog), cah (cat), bye-bye and ball. He signs: eat, more, thank you, yes please (a  nod up and down), no thank you (a nod left to right), milk and all done. I feel like his physical growth has slowed down a bit for now, but his mental growth is on fire. I am so excited to see what next month has in store for us!

Likes: watching iphone videos of himself, naked time, playing on our bed, giving the animals hugs and kisses, his elephant and blankie, raisins, the goats at the zoo
Dislikes: when Momma and Daddy don't understand what he is trying to communicate to us. Not really many dislikes this month...a pretty happy little guy these days!

Enjoy some photos and videos from this month!


Smelling the flowers with Oxford

Noah and Ollie

Giving King a hug


Drumming on his fall gourds


Nature Boy

Pandas at the zoo

Wagon riding

He sure does love story time

Playing with his paper dolls



Playing with dried black beans

Noah Talking

Body Parts

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  1. I loved all the pictures and the videos are precious. Before long, he will be talking his head off. Hard to believe that he is 15 months. How time flies!