Monday, October 28, 2013

Books, Letters and Literacy

The wonderful world of literacy is emerging in our home more and more each day. Noah absolutely loves books right now! He loves to sit in our laps and listen to stories, go to story time each week and flip through the pages of his books solo.  

We read together before both of his naps and before bedtime and sometimes throughout the day if he wants to. Lately, he has been wanting to read as soon as he gets up in the morning. It is such a wonderful way to start our day together, and it truly melts my heart to watch him waddle over to his book shelf and book basket still in his sleep sac and choose a book to read in my lap. 

Since he is so interested in books lately, I thought I would go ahead and get out our magnetic letters for our refrigerator. I didn't really think he would even notice the letters on the frig at his young age, but I was wrong. As soon as I put them up, he immediately went over to them and started playing with them.  He looked at some of them, tasted a few and put some in his baskets and pots and pans. He is no where ready to start learning all of his letters and sounds, but if he brings one over to me, I simply tell him the letter name, sound and a word that starts with the letter (ex: "B" is for b, b, b, ball). I feel it is never to early to start exposing him to his letters and sounds as he shows interest. 

We also have two wooden alphabet puzzles and wooden letter blocks that he likes to play with. I do the same thing with these letters as he brings one to me. I tell him the letter name, sound and a word that starts with the letter. 

So far, this is how I am incorporating literacy into our home, and I will continue to keep you updated as our literacy-rich environment grows. Please feel free to share your ideas of how you are introducing literacy to your young child!

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