Monday, September 9, 2013

Noah is 14 months

I can't believe another month has come and gone and now Noah is 14 months old. This month was smooth sailing which was so nice after rocky month 13!

We made some dietary changes for our sweet boy that seemed to really help things for him. About 3 1/2 weeks ago, Noah started having a good bit of runny poo (sorry TMI!) which seemed to coincide with the introduction of cow's milk into his diet. He has also had a rash on his legs and tops of his arms for several months now. The pediatrician keeps telling me that the rash is nothing to worry about and that it is just an irritation of his hair follicles and that it will eventually go away. Good news some might think, but he also said it might take years for it to go away (Years?!?!). So, I started doing some of my own research, and I found out that lots of skin issues are related to food sensitivities and an inflamed gut. With all of this being said, we cut all cows milk dairy products and most gluten products out of Noah's diet. I also put him on a probiotic and some fish oil. As a result, his poo is pretty much back to normal and his temperament is back to his more easy going self. His teeth are not bothering him nearly as much and his sleep is excellent (I do think he is starting to transition down to one nap though). His rash is still there but from what I learned, it might take some time for that to go away even if it is a food sensitivity (not years though!). I will keep you updated!

In other news, Noah is still full of energy, eating/nursing well and full of laughter and new sounds. His newest words this month are "momma!" and "ya". It is so cute to hear him say "momma" and "dada" now! (See videos below)

We are currently at the beach for the week, and we are so excited to be on vacation!! Both sets of grandparents are with us, so it is so nice to have the extra hands all week. Be on the lookout for a post once we return!

Likes: playing out in the yard, his nature nook, his drum set, coconut milk yogurt, playing chase, putting lids on and taking them off, sticks
Dislikes: cutting molars, pain in general

Til next month!

His pondering pose

Fernbank with Emerson

Our little reader

Our Buddha boy

Water play in the yard

The life!

His Nature Nook

Loves sticks

Bath time with Emerson

Yoga boy

Sweet boy

"Momma" video

"Dada" video

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