Friday, August 9, 2013

Noah is 13 Months

I cannot believe that we are now already into toddler hood and Noah's second year. Where has the time gone!

Month 13 was a bit "fussy" for our sweet boy. At his 12 month wellness appointment, the pediatrician informed me that he had 8 teeth on the very near horizon and it might be rough for a bit. Boy, was he right! Noah cut all 4 of his canine teeth this month. These 4 teeth were by far the worst teething experience he has had yet (to the point of being a totally different child at times :( ). At his worst, he was a "total fuss ball of agitated energy". He would clench his fists and scream at a very high, agitated pitch when he was in a lot of pain, his fuse was very short and he was extremely fussy/clingy. We doubled him up on amber teething necklaces, gave him homeopathic teething tablets around the clock and lots of Ibuprofen. As for me, I drank a lot of wine this month to help me cope!;) It was def. very rough, but it seems like the worst is past us or so we hope! He does have 2 bottom molars that are just about to start cutting, but hopefully it won't be as bad as his 4 canines. Here's hoping!

On a more pleasant note, when Noah was not teething this month, he was such a joy! He is really communicating up a storm these days. He points, nods, grunts, signs and even says a few words these days to communicate. He understands most of what we say and responds very well to simple commands (ex: Show Momma where the kitty cat is, Go get your shoes please to go outside, etc.). His signs include: milk, eat, more, all done and sometimes thank you. He can wave hello and goodbye and blows kisses. The blowing of kisses totally melts my heart! <3 He can say "dada", "dah" for dog, "dat" for cat and that, and on a rare occasion will say "momma". Hoping to hear more of "momma" soon!;)

He is in constant motion and does not sit still very long these days. He loves to explore and is one of the most curious babies I have met thus far (a very good thing and challenging thing at the same time). He is extremely sensitive and strong-willed at times which has also bought some challenges this month, but I have been reading all about toddler hood lately and have found some really great strategies that are really helping us communicate better with Noah. My "toddler toolbox" is starting to fill up!

Noah continues to love books and now sits in my lap whenever I read to him, and he always asks to read the story "more". It is very sweet! Most of his stories are read at least twice these days. He loves to turn the pages and likes it when I ask him to show me things in the book.

Eating and nursing continues to go well. He still loves to eat and nurse (esp. when he is teething). He still nurses about 5-6 times a day and eats 3 meals and 2 snacks. Some of his favorite foods these days are roasted sweet potatoes and squash, steamed broccoli, kale chips, greek yogurt, omelets and of course, puffs!

Noah has turned into a very good sleeper these days (hopefully, I am not jinxing it!). He sleeps anywhere from 11 1/2- 12 1/2 hours straight at night and takes 2 naps usually 1 to 1 1/2 hours each. He is still our early bird who likes to go to bed early and rise early. He is usually asleep at night by 6:45pm and up by 6:45/7:00am. The Smith House is def. "early to bed, early to rise"!

Last but not least, one of Noah's favorite things this month has been playing out in the yard. He has so much fun swinging, riding in his red wagon, mowing the lawn and playing with his other outside toys. He plays outside after breakfast each morning and then usually again in the afternoon. It is so much fun watching him explore nature in our yard!

Likes: playing in the yard, nursing, reading books, sitting in momma's lap, going to the playground, story time, brushing the cat (well, trying to!), puzzles, climbing stairs, the changing table (I can change his diaper again on the changing table sometimes!)

Dislikes: cutting teeth (esp canine teeth), not getting an object that he really wants, when Momma leaves the room and he can't see me

Til next month! Enjoy some recent photos from month 13!

Playing in the yard

Riding on Daddy's shoulders

Jumping at the Toy Park

Wearing Momma's shades

Nature boy

Hose fun!

Catching bugs

Signing "more" spaghetti Momma

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  1. I can't believe how much Noah has grown and progressed in just a month. Hopefully he has enough teeth to last for a while. Can't wait to hear what he is up to next month.