Tuesday, July 9, 2013


One year old.

Three hundred sixty-five memorable and incredible days.

Forty-Six hours of labor.  All forgotten with just one of your smiles or giggles. 

One totally incredible little boy– a lover of exploring, music, nature and the great outdoors, eating and of course animals. 

My longest stretch away from you in 365 days?  Four hours.

Roughly twenty-two pounds in weight and ninety-third percentile for your giant head.   

Two naps each day.  Usually forty-five minutes to one and a half hours each, on a good day.

Twelve hours of sleep at night and zero wakeups now to nurse (Unless we are traveling, and then it is tons of nightly wake ups. Oh well!). Hopefully, the zero wakeups will continue! :)

Infinite number of kisses covering your adorable face and an infinite number of licks from your two favorite puppy dogs.

Thousands and thousands of photos of you on Momma’s iPhone and laptop.  Approaching zero memory left to spare. 

Hundreds of steps taken each day by your sweet feet.

One full year of breastfeeding and still going strong.  Approximately only five bottles taken over the course of an entire year. 

Eight baby teeth that love to chomp on apples, bananas, muffins, and sweet potatoes. Two top molars still cutting through and all four canine teeth just about ready to cut. One little mouth full of teeth!

One little world traveler with four flights, two train rides, ten subway rides and two bus rides. Four car trips in the States-Charleston, Savannah and two beach trips.

Two incredibly proud and grateful parents.  Two drooly dogs that love sitting under your high chair.  One fluffy kitty that loves playing with your toys.

Countless conversations about how we can’t remember life without you. 

One happy, healthy, and loving little boy.  Endless laughs and smiles all day long. 

One year that we will never forget. 

Happy First Birthday Noah! We love you! 

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  1. It has been an amazing year with Noah. Watching him explore and learn had been so much fun for us. Such a sweet and loving grandson!

    Omama and Opapa