Saturday, July 27, 2013

Learning Activities with Noah 6 months to 1 year +

I thought I would do another post about some of the fun learning activities that Noah and I have been doing together lately. Please feel free to share any of your fun learning activities that you do with your little one too. Below is a list of our favorite activities these days:

1. Story time at the local library
2. Weekly Play group and play dates
3. Visiting the playgrounds in the city (there are a lot too!)
4. Going to the Zoo
5. Going to Fernbank Museum (the "Nature Quest" room is the best!)
6. Going on strolls with the pups
7. Sensory Play (edible finger painting, spaghetti play, water play, etc.)
8. Going to the pool and splash pad
9. Reading
10. Singing songs and listening to music
11. Dancing (this boy has some rhythm!)
12. Playing in the yard and exploring nature
13. Doing puzzles
14. Painting with water
15. Weekly developmental activities from the book:  Slow and Steady Get Me Ready by June Oberlander
16. Visiting the book store and pet store
17. Swinging

Enjoy some photos of Noah in action!

Play date with Isaiah

Play group

Exploring Nature

Book store fun

More Play group

Play date with Emerson

Water Play

Edible Spaghetti Sensory Play

Finger Painting with Yogurt


Story time

More fun at play group


The Splash Pad

Painting with Water

Sprinkler Fun

The Pet Store

Wagon rides


Noah Dancing Video

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  1. Learning is so much fun with a Mom that is a creative teacher. Who would ever think of painting with water and yogurt? All the pictures are adorable and Noah has so many friends to play with!