Sunday, June 9, 2013

Noah is 11 months

Has it really already been 11 months? I feel like yesterday our baby boy was only a few months old. Granted, my pregnancy feels like it was years ago at this point! Time is such a crazy thing.

At 11 months, Noah is full of life and spunk (as you can see from the photo above:)! His personality shines through more and more every day, and he is constantly making Cole and me smile and laugh. He is such a happy and loving child and truly loves people and being out and about in the world. I do not think he has met another child at this point that he has not liked. He doesn't seem to have any sort of stranger danger and loves waving and smiling at strangers.  I def. think he has his daddy's social skills!:)

Noah is in constant motion these days! He is so ACTIVE and is totally worn out by the end of the day. Not to mention that I am def. ready for bed around 9pm or so...he wears me out too! He loves exploring the great outdoors and crawling/cruising around everything. He has gotten really fast at walking while pushing his wooden walker. He is not walking solo yet, but has gotten good at standing solo without holding onto anything (see photos below). We still have lots of tumbles,  bruises and bloody lips due to his high activity level and mouth full of teeth, but he really brushes off his falls quite well now. Arnica cream and our "bunny boo boo" ice pack have become a necessity!

Noah "talks" up a storm now. He babbles all of the time, and his babbling really does sound like he is trying to carry on a conversation with you. Some of his "talking" is starting to resemble real words now too. We hear "dah" a lot which means "dog". So, we are thinking "dog" might end up being his first real word. I will keep you updated!

He is still eating/nursing well and wants to try just about everything I eat. He nurses about 5 times a day and eats 3 small meals and 2 snacks a day. I feel like he is either eating or on the move these days! We still have not done milk, nuts, raw honey, fish or citrus fruits, but besides that he is sampling just about everything. No more 4 day wait rule here! He has decided that he does not mind being spoon fed again which is nice. However, he has a love/hate relationship with his high chair right now....some days he likes it and some days he hates it. Bibs are a thing of the past for sure. He LOVES homemade baked goods, esp. my muffins, pancakes and bread. He also really enjoys sipping my raw smoothies out of his straw. I am still really enjoying making his food, and I have so much fun watching him enjoy food each and everyday!

Noah is now sleeping THROUGH THE NIGHT!! Yahoo for him and me! He would do it here and there, but he was not consistent about it in the past. For the past few weeks, he has been sleeping from about 6:30pm to 6:00 or 6:30am without waking up to nurse. It is so amazing to have solid sleep again. I had totally forgotten what it was like to get a good night's sleep, and boy is it nice!:) I am sure we will have sleep regressions from time to time, but for now I am so thankful for the sleep!

No new teeth updates. He is still rocking the 8 teeth and 2 molars that are taking their sweet time cutting through. At the rate he is going, he might be 2 before these molars finish cutting. Oh well. I am just thankful that the tooth fairy is visiting other children for the time being!:)

We moved Noah up to the bigger car seat this weekend. His infant car seat was just a bit too snug and hot for him. So far, he seems to be liking his new seat. :) I cannot believe that he is already in a big boy car seat though! I really need to find a way to slow down the time!

All in all, this was another great month! I cannot believe that his next monthly update will be his 1 year update. Til next month!

11 Months:
Likes: Exploring the world, people, the pups and kitty, baked goods, his momma, trucks, books, climbing stairs, playing in and with water, play group, naked time, making cough sounds (he thinks it is funny!), eating Momma's food

Dislikes: his high chair, bibs, the stroller

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