Monday, May 20, 2013

Our Adventure to Europe

Our trip to Europe was an adventure for sure! It was a wonderful time, and we had so much fun spending time with my family and experiencing beautiful Austria with Noah. Noah got to meet his great-grandmother and celebrate her 89th birthday while we were there. He also met tons of other family members and tasted lots of Austrian food. His favorites being their banana yogurt for kids, Wienerschnitzle and spatzle (kinda like a homemade noodle). We spent 6 nights in Wieselburg (the city where my aunt/uncle and Oma live) visiting family members. Then, we spent 3 nights in Vienna sightseeing. A great trip all around!

We also learned on this trip that traveling abroad with an infant can be quite challenging. Noah was on 4 flights (2 being 9+ hours), 2 trains, 2 buses and countless city train rides (subway) in just 10 short days. He jumped ahead 6 hours going and jumped back 6 hours coming home. He was an "on-the-go" baby for 10 days straight even though it really is not what my rhythmic child prefers. He napped on the go, nursed on the go and went to bed at a different time every night. Basically, his world did a complete 180 for 10 days (not to mention he is still cutting 2 molars). Despite all of this, he was such a trooper and still smiling and laughing. Don't get me wrong, there were a good bit of tears at times too. He is our little world traveler now!

This trip helped reassure Cole and me that we can handle anything with Noah. Surviving the flights were huge for us! We probably will not be traveling abroad again with Noah anytime soon, but we can't wait to do it again once he is a bit older!

For any of you out there who are contemplating traveling abroad with an infant, I say: DO IT!!!! It was totally worth it, and we made so many lifetime memories during this 10 days with Noah and my family! It made the exhaustion worth it for sure. :)

Enjoy the photos from our trip!

Snoozing on the flight to Austria

Amsterdam airport

Beautiful Austria

Chris and me with Gabi and Johanna

Momma and her boy in the garden

Sweet Lilly

Chris and Lilly

Martha, Chris and Dacia

Coleman, Moritz and Tobi

My Oma's 89th birthday celebration

Lilly and Noah taking a bath together (cousins)

Window watchers

Noah the Austrian fireman


Tickling Opapa's beard

Playing with Omama

Climbing on Omama

My gartenzwerk (garden gnome)

Lunch with family

Riding luggage at the train station with Omama

Our little world traveler cream cone 

Streets of Vienna

Schloss Schonbrunn

The Imperial Gardens

Maria Theresia side by side 
(I was named after the empress of Austria)

Snack time in the park

Playing with daddy

Date night in Vienna

Water break

Diaper change al fresco ;)

Snoozing on momma

Enjoying nature

Nursing on the go

On the train

Look at me!

He melts my heart

Snoozing in the Vienna airport on the way home

Prost to a great trip!!!

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