Monday, April 1, 2013

Noah's First Easter

Noah had a wonderful time celebrating his first Easter! We went to Coleman's grandmother's house for lunch and Easter festivities. It was so exciting for Noah to be with so many family members for this holiday. It was a full house: my parents were there, Cole's parents, Cole's brother and family, Fran's parents and Cole's sister and family flew in from the Virgin Islands. Noah got to play with 4 of his cousins. It was a wonderful day! Enjoy the photos!

Opening his basket Easter morning

Momma and her boy

Like father like son

Opening another basket at Great-Grandma's

Cousin Ally and Noah

Bubbles with Cousin Carson

Noah and Cousin Niall

Climbing on Carson

Time to eat


Cousins and Great-Grandma

So sweet

Eating dinner al fresco during the candy hunt

Standing so tall

Noah and GDaddy


  1. looks like he had a great 1st Easter! So fun and special to be with family! Cousins are the best!

  2. We had such a wonderful time visiting with all the family members and watching Noah play with his cousins.