Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Noah is 7 months

Happy 7 months Noah! It was an eventful and exciting month for our sweet boy. He got sick for the first time :(, cut his top 4 teeth, had his first adverse reaction to solid food and learned to CRAWL!!

I learned real quick that having a sick baby is no fun at all. Noah got a really bad cold this month that lasted for about 7 days. He had a bad cough and a really runny nose. Taking care of him around the clock led to me then getting the cold. Unfortunately, I had a really hard time kicking it, so it ended up turning into a sinus infection. Sick baby + sick momma= the worst! We are all back and healthy now, and I am hoping we can ward off the sick germs for the remainder of the season!

Noah cut all 4 of his top four teeth at the same time this month. He was def. in some discomfort, but considering the circumstances (4 at once) he was quite the trooper. It is so cute seeing his new smile full  of teeth!:)

Look at my teeth!

Noah continues to be our "Foodie Baby". He has liked everything he has eaten so far, except prunes. He did not give one pleasant face when I fed them to him. (However, they did work wonders for unclogging him along with some apricots that I made.) His palate now consists of: avocado, banana, sweet potato, butternut squash, prunes, apricots, pears, brown rice porridge, peas, millet porridge, carrots, and a sampling of apples. We did have a food-related vomiting episode this month which was pretty scary. Noah woke up shortly after we put him to bed one night profusely vomiting. :( I immediately called our pediatrician and after talking with him, we figured that something he had eaten that day did not sit well with his belly. That day he had sampled pureed apples that I had made for him (this was a new food), eaten some steamed pears and some avocado (These were not new foods, but I am thinking the avocado might have been bad.), and then he munched on a few organic Gerber puffs (These were also a newer food). We still aren't sure what it was since I have not reintroduced apples or the puffs since the episode. But, I have offered avocado to him since then and he turned his nose up. Avocado was a favorite of his prior to getting sick. So who knows...I guess we will find out when I reintroduce apples and/or puffs. 

The most exciting news of the month is that Noah learned how to CRAWL! Not only did he learn how to army crawl, he figured out how to cross-crawl...the much harder form of crawling. He is one strong and determined little boy for sure, and we are so proud of him!!

Month 7:

Likes: eating, crawling, petting the dogs and kitty, long walks in the becco or BOB stroller, being carried in the ring sling, playing in the bath tub, the iPhone, playing with his toys, the mirror
Dislikes: prunes, bathwater that is not warm enough, being on his back, taking the iPhone away from him, vomiting

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