Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Noah's First Christmas

Christmas was so special this year with Noah. I know he had no clue who Santa was but boy did Cole and I eat it all up for him. Noah had a stocking and a present just for him that Santa brought. I helped him write a letter to Santa, and we set out cookies and milk for him and carrots for the reindeer on Christmas Eve. A tradition that we will do each year now! Noah had so much fun opening presents on Christmas morning at our house, and he LOVED the wrapping paper, bows, ribbon, bags, boxes and tissue paper. I think his favorite gift though was his measuring spoons and measuring cups. He plays with them all the time now!

This holiday was also so special because we had so much family in town, and Noah got to meet/see/play with his other young cousins, Lilly and Niall. Lilly is 1 week older than Noah, and Niall is almost 10 months. It was so much fun watching the babies interact and play! We spent time with my family at our house and my parent's house, and then we headed to the beach for 3 nights to be with Cole's family.

It was a very busy holiday but so much fun!! Here's to a wonderful year in 2013!

Happy 2013 to all of you!

Opening presents Christmas Eve at my parents

Noah and the train on Christmas Eve

Writing his letter to Santa

Treats for Santa and the reindeer

Opening his stocking Christmas morning

Noah and Lilly on Christmas day (cousins)

Noah and Niall at the beach condo (cousins)

Noah and Carson (cousins)

Noah and Ally (cousins)

Noah and Niall playing together

Us at Seaside

My two loves and a beautiful sunset on the beach

Family at sunset

Noah and Lilly on New Year's Day

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  1. Very sweet memories with the family during was a fabulous 2012 welcoming in the two grandchildren and now I look forward to watching them grow during 2013. Prost!

    Love, Mom