Thursday, January 31, 2013

Learning activities with Noah so far...

I thought I would do a post about some of the fun learning activities that Noah and I have been doing together. Please feel free to share any of your fun learning activities that you do with your little one. The teacher in me is always looking for new and exciting activities for him!  Below is a list of our favorite developmental activities these days:

1. Reading books together (board books, cloth books and picture books-Noah loves all kinds of books!)
2. Going to story time at our local library
3. Singing songs and listening to music (nursery rhymes, the ABC's, kids songs, music from mine and Cole's favorite bands)
4. Humming (Noah loves me to hum lullabies to him before nap and bedtime)
5. Playing "Peek-A-Boo", "Pat-A-Cake", "This Little Piggy Went to Market"
6. Doing baby yoga (We use the book, Itsy Bitsy Yoga)
7. Playing with mirrors
8. Sensory Discovery (letting Noah smell new things, touch different textures, taste new foods)
9. Sensory Discovery Bottles (filled empty plastic bottles with different items and let Noah shake, look at them, etc ie: colored beads, pom poms, beans, rice, etc)
10. Playing with simple household or recycled items (whisk, spatula, measuring spoons and cups, laundry basket, cardboard boxes, empty milk carton, paper towel rolls, etc)
11. Treasure Baskets (filled a basket with themed items and let Noah discover them i.e.: shiny objects, wooden objects, nature items)
12. Blow bubbles
13. Water play (so far Noah has had fun playing in the bathtub and the bathroom sink)
14. Nature walks and going to the park
15. Tummy Time
16. Play dates and small play groups
17. Being carried in the sling or Becco while Momma does household chores (Noah loves being held at my level and watching me do everyday household chores. Makes it much easier to get some things done around the house too!;) )
18. Playing in his exersaucer
19. Running errands with me (Some of Noah's favorite places to go these days are the Farmer's Market, Publix, PetCo and Barnes and Noble)
20. Playing with simple wooden or cloth toys
21. Playing with his puppies and kitty

I am having so much fun being Noah's Momma and teacher and love being able to watch him learn and grow each day! Enjoy some recent photos of Noah in action!

Playing with his measuring spoons and cups

Noah's first "Treasure Basket"

Playing with his wooden blocks

Reading at Barnes & Noble

Playing in the park


Playing his drum with Daddy

Discovering sunlight and shadows

Sensory Play with apricots

Reading at home

His wooden teether


Hanging with his big boy friends

Good friends

Tummy time

Playing with his puppy brother, Kingston

Exploring different types of paper

Mirror fun with his kitty brother, Ollie

Playing in his exersaucer

Making music

Sensory discovery bottles

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  1. fun fun! looks like lil' Noah is loving all his activities! We did so many of those too! Cooper was a big fan of tupperware and playing in the laundry basket. hope to see yall soon! If I think of any others I'll be sure to share.