Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's time to eat!

Noah started eating solids almost 2 weeks ago, and so far he has loved it!

His first food was avocado puree that I made (avocado pureed with breast milk). He thought it was delicious! He ate avocados each morning after his morning nap for one week. Then, I introduced banana puree (bananas and breast milk) this week. I think he was a little shocked by the sweetness of the bananas at first, but he has no trouble gobbling it all down now. Next week will be sweet potato puree. Hope he likes it!

I am having so much fun making his food with my baby food maker. Here's to giving our boy a healthy start with food!

He has also started learning how to hold his sippy cup. He has learned how to hold it and drop it :), but he still has not figured out how to get the water out. The boy still needs a bit more practice!

Enjoy the photos!

The first food: fresh avocado puree

The first bite

Mmm...Can I have the whole bowl??


All gone

Full and happy

The 2nd food: fresh banana puree


Holding onto his sippy cup

Look, I have 2 bottom teeth!

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