Sunday, September 2, 2012

Noah's First Trip to Charleston!

Cole had to go out of town this week to Charleston for work, so Noah and I decided to go with him! This was Noah's first trip, and we wanted to get him used to traveling at a young age since Cole and I both love traveling!! I am sure some people thought I was a bit crazy for wanting to take a 7 week old baby on a 6+ hour car ride and off to a new city at such a young age, but honestly, I think this was a great time to start traveling with him. He slept the majority of the car ride to Charleston with two stops for feedings and only one short cry period because he wanted to be held. A big success if you ask me for such a little guy!!

We arrived safely in Charleston around lunchtime on Wednesday, and Noah loved every minute of his vacation until we left late Saturday morning. He loved playing in the hotel room and sleeping with Momma, being strolled or carried in the Baby Bjorn around the city with Momma, lying in the park and kicking his arms and legs and going out to dinner in the evenings with Momma and Daddy. Oh and I can't forget, the many photo shoots that I had with him....he ate up the camera with all of his smiles and giggles. It truly does melt my heart every time he cracks that adorable smile or sweet giggle!

All in all, it was a great trip, and he was a champ again on the car ride home! Now, we are looking forward to our next upcoming trips....Blue Ridge Mountains 2 weekends from now with my parents, the beach in October to celebrate Momma Smith's and my birthday with both sets of grandparents, the beach in December after Christmas with the whole Smith Clan and our big trip to Austria in Feb or March with my parents and hopefully my brother, Dacia and their baby, Lilly. Lots to look forward to!!

Enjoy the photos and videos from Charleston!

Strolling in the Park

Playing in the hotel room

Out and about in the city



Daddy and Noah at dinner

Momma and Noah at dinner

Happy Family

Father and Son

So happy :)

Baby Bjorn

My sun hat

Noah rolling from tummy to back
(not the best video of it....sorry!)

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  1. so fun! glad the trip went well. love his lil' plaid sun hat! good thing you're getting him use to traveling - sounds like yall have a lot planned! :)